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Pick up your printed copy at supermarkets, cafes and other area businesses, Kelley Library, Town Hall, Salem Post Office (outside curbside box), senior center, farm, stands, and residential, office and medical buildings in Salem and several locations in Windham. Check the Pickup Locations page for distribution locations. Issues are distributed mid-month every month, and available until the copies run out. You can also read all issues online.

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Salem Life Issue Deadlines

Issue Deadline Distributed
Jan-20 12/4/19 12/12/19
Feb-20 1/8/20 1/16/20
Mar-20 2/5/20 2/13/20
Apr-20 3/4/20 3/12/20
May-20 4/1/20 4/9/20
Jun-20 5/6/20 5/14/20
Jul-20 6/3/20 6/11/20
Aug-20 7/8/20 7/16/20
Sep-20 8/5/20 8/13/20
Oct-20 9/9/20 9/17/20
Nov-20 10/7/20 10/15/20
Dec-20 11/4/20 11/12/20
Jan-21 12/2/20 12/10/20
Feb-21 1/6/21 1/14/21

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